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Check PNR Status

PNR status of your Indian Railways or IRCTC booking can be checked online easily . A PNR is an abbreviated form of Passenger Name Record (PNR) in a travel Industry. It is basically a record of the itinerary for a passenger or group of passengers (travelling together) in the database of a Computer Reservation System (CRS). If you want to check the information of you PNR status, then simply find 10 digit PNR number which is generally printed at the top left corner of your ticket or if you have booked online through IRCTC website then you also easily find the same on booking summary . This tool helps you to know about reservation status.

Find Train Number Details

Indian Railways has very large number of trains which help many people to travel through one city to other city. As there are number of trains, so we often need to know the details of the train number. If you want to find details of any Train Number, you can find it here easily. You just have to put the 5 digit valid train number and you will get the details like Train Name, Source Station Name & Destination Station Name. Moreover you want to check the complete schedule of the train then you can also find it here only.

Search Station Code

Whenever we need to travel through train , we have to do reservation of tickets . At that time we have to find out the station code of a particular railway station , this is made quite easy for you to know the station code of any railway station . You only have to type station name slowly & you can see the suggested station names , you can choose required station name then submit & you 'll see the corresponding station code along with the station name as result.